Cuckoo clock movements

The Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks have mechanical movements, just like they had been made centuries ago. Only the mechanical movements are certified by the „VdS - Verein der Schwarzwalduhr“ - „Association of the Black Forest Clock“

All our movements are mechanically powered by the weights hanging on the chains. One weight is for the cuckoo call, and one is for the clock movement itself. If the clock has a third chain and weight, the third weight is to power the music box inside the clock.

The 1-day movements need to be wound up every day and the 8-day movements about once a week. The cuckoo clocks are wound up by pulling the chains down. So that the movements reach their maximum power reserve, it must be possible to pull the weights with the chains completely down.

The cuckoo call every half hour ones and full hour the time.

We exclusively use REGULA movements from the market leader SBS Feintechnik in Schonach in the Black Forest. The mechanical clockworks usually run for several decades without any problems.