The clock plays alternately two melodies 

All musical movements of mechanical cuckoo clocks (1-day and 8-day clockwork) we sell have been made by Reuge (Switzerland). Reuge is one of the most renowned manufacturers of musical movements and music boxes in the world.

When does the music play? 

Cuckoo clocks with a 1-day movement play music every half and full hour. 8-day cuckoo clocks play music every full hour.

What kind of melodies do the musical clocks play?

All musical cuckoo clocks alternately play two different melodies. All music boxes plays “Edelweiss” and “Happy Wanderer.

(This tunes you can listen down at the description)

Number of tones?

The number of tones (variety of tones) is a sign of the quality of the music that a cuckoo clock plays. The more tones a musical cuckoo clock plays the better the music will sound. Still, all the musical movements are very good and all clocks sound good. The larger, more expensive cuckoo clocks usually have musical movements with more tones.

We use for all our music clocks a music box with 36 voices!.