Robert Herr Kuckucksuhren Unikate
by Christophe Herr
Unsere Kuckucksuhr Werkstatt
Unser besonderer Service
Our special offer
repair & restoration your clock
3 Jahre Garantie
5 years of guarantee
Jedes Stück ein Unikat
any exemplar a unique
Weltweiter Service
worldwide service
100% Handarbeit
100% handmade

8-days music dancer Cuckoo clock Gotic 1850

1.877 €*

Exclusive and unique cuckoo clocks

Family business in the 5th Generation

Original cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest: traditional and handmade. We produce since 1868 original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Each cuckoo clock is completely handmade, that is our companies philosophy.  

Are you looking for an Original Cuckoo Clock? Then you have come to the right place. An „Original Cuckoo Clock“ traditionally comes from the Black Forest. Our traditional cuckoo clocks are very detailed and deeply carved, each Black Forest clock is a unique piece from our clock manufactory in Schonach in the Black Forest. Important for a cuckoo clock is for sure also the cuckoo, therefore all our cuckoo clocks have a wooden cuckoo, which moves its wings when calling. We also attach importance to the fact that the clocks have a particularly beautiful cuckoo call. And we always use the largest possible wooden dials so that the time can be easily read. Furthermore our cuckoo clocks are certified by the VdS "Verein die Schwarzwalduhr" (Association the Black Forest Clock). This certificate stands for the authenticity of an original Black Forest cuckoo clock. Black Forest Clocks, which are allowed to carry this certificate, must meet a high standard. One condition is that the clock was exclusively produced in the Black Forest. Furthermore the clock has to work mechanically and the single parts have to be from the Black Forest. We use exclusively mechanical movements for our cuckoo clocks. Because of the certification you can be sure that your cuckoo clock is an original Black Forest clock "made in Germany".

You can not only buy the cuckoo clock in our online store, we also sell our Black Forest cuckoo clocks in our retail store.

In our online store you will find a large selection of cuckoo clocks, but if you have a special wish, please ask. We manufacture your desired clock individually and hand carved. If you buy a cuckoo clock, you have the possibility to choose it according to your individual wishes and ideas.

Our classic clocks are provided with elaborate carvings. The most popular motif is a vine leaves. Depending on the design, hunting motifs or birds can also offer loosening, detailed decorations. The clocks differ not only in the design of the carvings, but also in different colors. Our Black Forest Clocks are traditionally stained or treated with a special antique wax. The waxing of the clocks with a special antique wax is a complex but very traditional process, which gives the clock a special antique touch.

The external design plays just as important a role as the technology of a watch. The classic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock has a mechanical movement, which you have to wind up by hand. There is a difference between 1-day and 8-day movements. Therefore you have the choice if you want to wind up your clock every day or only every 8 days.

The traditional cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest enjoy great popularity all over the world, therefore we ship our traditional Black Forest clocks worldwide and also pay attention to an environmentally friendly packaging when shipping.

All our traditional cuckoo clocks are handmade with great attention to detail and all clocks are signed. If you have any questions you can reach us by phone +49 7722 5274 or by e-mail

Clock Repair

We are specialized in repair and restoration of mechanical Black Forest clocks of all kinds (cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, shield clocks, antique clocks...). No matter if a defective movement, worn out bearings, we get all clocks running again. Even broken or old carvings can be repaired or restored by us.

If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you and find the best solution so that your clock will soon be ticking again on its usual place. We can already assure you of competent and reliable watch repair by our watchmaker.

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