Robert Herr Kuckucksuhren Unikate
by Christophe Herr

1. Working step "Drawing" 

Each cuckoo clock is a unique piece and is completely manufactured in our workshop.

Before we start with the production, a template must be drawn.

2. Working step "Sawing the wood plates"

In the next step the wood must be prepared.

3. Working step "Stenciling"

Then we use a template and stain to transfer the outlines of the clock to the glued wood. Afterwards the wood is sawn out at the jigsaw.

In this example, a traditional model from the Gothic era is created „Item 8100 - 8-day cuckoo clock gothic style“

4. Working step "Carving"

The sawn wood only takes shape at the carving bench.

We create our traditional cuckoo clocks only by hand with chisels.

In the video we continue to work on the model 8100 "8 day cuckoo clock gothic style". 

5. Working Step "Installing mechanism"

When the carving is finished, the individual parts are treated in a special stain. Particularly elaborate pieces are treated with a special antique wax. The waxing of the clock is a very complex process (5 steps), but it gives the carving a very special and exclusive touch.

When everything is dry, the mechanism as well as the cuckoo and the bellows are installed.

We traditionally offer the 1-day movement, 1-day movement with music dancers, 8-day movement and 8-day movement with music dancers

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