Robert Herr Kuckucksuhren Unikate
by Christophe Herr

The history of the company Robert Herr cuckoo clocks has a long tradition of black-forest cuckoo clock manufacturing.

Robert Herr - Familienbetrieb in 5. Generation

After Franz Anton Ketterer had built the first cuckoo clock in Schönwald in 1737, Johann Hiller, an ancestor of Robert Herr, began to manufacture Black Forest clocks in Schonach. His son, Johann Baptist Rainer continued the craft.

His son-in-law, Valentin Herr, was also a sculptor and watchmaker, so from that time on the art of watchmaking and carving was passed on from father to son, Robert Herr.

Valentin Herr and Robert Herr thus created a family tradition in the production of artistic traditional Black Forest clocks, which began in Schonach in the Black Forest and continues to this day in the same historical workshop in Schonach.

The company was founded in 1868 and is thus the oldest existing manufacturer for Black Forest clocks of all kinds.

In 1896 Robert Herr took over the still existing company Robert Herr Cuckoo clocks and handed it over to his son Kuno Herr.

In the time of the Black Forest clock boom more than 40 employees worked in the company Robert Herr Cuckoo clocks and produced series clocks. Since 1981 the company concentrates on the roots of the Black Forest clock production and produces exclusively single pieces.

The traditional family business is today already managed in the 5th generation by grandson Christophe Herr.

Christophe Herr has a sound education as a wood sculptor. He was the only one in Baden-Württemberg who visit from 1995 to 1998 the department "wood sculptor" of the Vocational school in Bad Neustadt (Germany).

Since then Christophe Herr has been creating cuckoo clocks, developing new designs and reproducing old classic models, which have found a special place in many national and international households.

In the pure family business, exclusively unique pieces are manufactured, which are individually co-ordinated with the customer. Every cuckoo clock is completely carved by Christophe Herr or his father, waxed or stained in an elaborate process and then the mechanism installed. All cuckoo clocks are signed and do not look like any other.

The good reputation of the products regarding quality, optics and precision ensure that the clientele reaches nationally and internationally from the collector to the nobility.

"The customers do not want mass-produced goods, everything is completely handmade by us", is the company's philosophy.